The Shoes and I

I am a delight to buy shoes. But I’m not the styles collector of shoes or addicted with one of popular brand. I just have a high interest to buy the shoes more than clothes, pants, skirt, or purse. Therefore, my friends really like to invite me when they wanted to find a pair of shoes.

Last weekend, my friends and I came out to the department stores. One of friend wanted to buy shoes. So we went to the sports station, because she planned to buy a sneaker. In the sports station, the diverse styles and brands offered there. Such as sneakers, running shoes, bike shoes, soccer cleats and golf shoes. Hey! Guess what? There were wedding shoes in the stores too. Unbelievable, weren’t they? But I found the unique wedding’s shoe among the several pairs of wedding shoes. I really like the style of shoe, a flat shoes. The colour of shoe was ivory. It was a nice one, the best of shoe I ever saw. But I didn’t have enough money to buy it. Pity on me, huh?

3 days ago, I was browsing the internet. Accidentally, I found the website about shoes buying guide. I was very happy because there was explained about anything and everything of things related to shoes. On the website, the shopper also could be shopping by online.

I love the website!

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