The Way of Bugis-Makassar Invesment

I have lived in Makassar for about 15 years. There are several things that distinguish striking Bugis Makassar tribe with other tribes. That is the way they invest. In addition to land / field / broad fields, Bugis-Makassar prefer to invest their funds in gold. Whether in the form of gold jewelry, gold coins and the shape of gold bars held for investment.

Besides assessing the level of Bugis-Makassar establishment to someone in a way that people perform the pilgrimage. Please note that the majority of religion for Bugis-Makassar ethnic Muslim religious. Associated with gold investments, There is one interesting thing to note about the pilgrimage. Formerly, the cost to go pilgrime for one person, require funding of about 9 million. Today, that number had reached the value of USD 27 millions. As an alternative, you can also prepare the fund through the gold. In the early 1990s, to get pilgrims need 250-300 grams of gold. As for now, enough with 150 grams of gold you can go to the holy land. Why? Because the price of gold - gold bars and coins in particular - continue to increase from year to year and not subject to the impact of inflation.

So, for you who have the desire to buy gold of any kind, make sure again that you get a certificate which contains the heavy and the levels of gold and gold proof of purchase.

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